Painted Oyster Shells

{edited to add 12/2015: if you are interested in the oyster shells, please contact me via the contact page, or visit the etsy shop, in case I have one listed- there is, in fact, one remaining as of 12/20/15. Thanks! -Myrt}

Coming soon:  2 painted oyster shells available for auction fundraiser for friend’s solid doctor bills, as she deals a fat fell blow to a recurrent lyme disease flare and related ailments from a nasty long-dead tick.

painted oyster shell
painted oyster shell

In the meantime, if you are in New Orleans, be sure to stop by I.J. Reilly’s Knick Knacks and Curiosities, an adventure in New Orleans crafts and arts and sincerely severe self-worship–  organic cotton natural dye map of New Orleans?  Yes.  Portraits of members of the pantheon of divine New Orleans Musicians?  Yes.   & painted oyster shells accompanied by a complete lie of a biography, with the exception of the fact that though I have never attempted any such thing, I make a good cheese dip.

1 of 4 painted oyster shells
1 of 4 painted oyster shells

Wonderful paintings, books, do-dads, marvels and whimseys selected and presented with only the finest works that are the result of the denial of your employers’ values.   Watch this place as it gets moldier, stop by for a rest with your cold drink on your way into the Quarter, or away from it, and never ever miss a party when they say they’re having one– they mean it.
reilly's opening


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