Conversational Slime Mold Print for Braddock Tiles

Detail from Slime Mold— very happy Swoon and her talented and productive crew at the Braddock Tiles project in Braddock, PA, chose this painting to produce as a digital print (click to view and purchase) as part of their grand fund raiser to re-roof an old church and create a community center.  It is a mere $45, and many other fantastic and collection-worthy prints are on the roster- dig in and support these great people and their hard work!
Detail from Slime Mold–

Full image available as digital print on archival Canson Mi-Teintes paper
13″x19″ paper size
edition of 250
embossed by Braddock Tiles


Ponderous Pig

Ponderous Pig

That Ponderous Pig, Her Chokecherry Collection
11 x 15″ inks and acrylic on rice paper