Myrtle von Damitz III

Born:  Syracuse, NY 1975

Myrtle von Damitz III was raised in Vermont and California, and settled in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1998.  She lived and worked there until moving to Oregon in late 2012; she divides her time between her new life in the western wilds and her ties to her adopted hometown of New Orleans. She is a self taught artist and curator who is known for bringing diverse artists and disciplines together in incongruous atmospheres. In 2017 she re-settled in Eugene, Oregon after a stint as a long haul truck driver.

Los Gatos High School, 1993


2016:  Side Show, Barrister’s Gallery
2011:  Mimi’s in the Marigny, upstairs bar
2007: “I’m Running Out of Coffee and it Tastes Like Rotten Onions,”  Barrister’s Gallery
2003:  “Other Voices, Other Rooms,”  Barrister’s Gallery
2001:  “Gathering Evidence.”

2017: Siren Song (Delaney Martin, Taylor Shephard), Barrister’s Gallery side show, “Gone Trucking”
2016: (January): The Raw and the Cooked, Barrister’s Gallery, New Orleans
2009:  Artists of St. Claude Ave., Studio at Colton
2008:  St. Claude Collective, New Orleans Biennial Prospect 1 exhibition at Universal Furniture, curated by Andy Antippas
2005, Palma Gallery:  “The Hybrid,” curated by Matteo Neivert.
2001, Barrister’s Gallery:  “Exploring Assemblage in New Orleans,” curated  by Christopher Fischer.
2000,  Barrister’s Gallery:  “Labyrinths:  11 emerging women artists in New Orleans.”
2000,  Jonathan Ferrara Gallery:  “No Dead Artists,“ annual juried exhibition.

2011:  Guest artist- billboard mural- at the Dithyrambalina Shantytown, directed by Delaney Martin and Swoon
2007 – present:  member of New Orleans Airlift collective
1999 – 2011:  Babylon Lexicon founder and main organizer-  annual book arts and small press exhibition and extravaganza, heart of the New Orleans Book Fair with publisher Gk Darby.  Now the New Orleans Book Fair and Media Expo.
Collaborative work with Jeff Vandermeer on book and web illustrations:  Weird Fiction Review
2000:  Jackson Square
1999:  Audubon Hotel

2012:  Volatilia, Barrister’s Gallery- an Automata exhibition (see review). 
2010, 2011:  founder and organizer of Automata New Orleans, an evolving collective exhibition of mechanical sculpture and inventive projects.
2011:  A Technological Terrarium, selected Automata artists at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art.
2010:  Multispecies Salon 3:  Swarm, 3 themed group exhibitions in conjunction with the American Anthropological Association convention in New Orleans (See review).
2009:  Antiabecedarians, a Group Exhibition of Telekinesis Proxenators in Franca Langua, Barrister’s Gallery  (image archive).

From D. Eric Bookhardt, Gambit Weekly and Inside Art New Orleans
From the former New Orleans Times-Picayune
Otherworld:  The Dreamscapes of Myrtle von Damitz, by Benjamin Morris, Pelican Bomb
Matt Runkle, 12 Years of Babylon Lexicon:  An Interview with Myrtle Von Damitz lll
Oxford American Magazine, 100 under 100 Superstars of Southern Art, number 26, February 2012
Occupy Wall Street:  Carnival Against Capital?  Carnivalesque as Protest Sensibility, Claire Tancons, e-flux, 2011


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